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Beginning January 1st, 2016, Dr. Van Hook “opted out” of the Medicare health insurance reimbursement program and started a cash-only, private medical practice.  As a result, he can no longer accept Medicare, or other health insurance.

What exactly does this mean for you?

Dr. Van Hook can and will still see Medicare patients. However, he will not seek reimbursement from Medicare (or any other insurance) for his services.  Furthermore, Medicare (or any insurance) cannot reimburse him for any of his personal care services.  It is very important that you understand that you can still obtain medically necessary Labs, Tests, Procedures, Referrals, Emergency Room/Urgent Care Evaluation and Hospitalization coverage through Medicare.  In fact, he encourages you to continue your insurance to cover these services. 

If you decide to become a patient under Dr. Van Hook’s care, as he hopes you will, all the law requires is that you sign a simple form of contract stating you understand his status as a physician who has “opted out” of Medicare.  He will be glad to explain this to you if you have questions.

So, if there is no insurance, how will you reimburse Dr. Van Hook for his services?

Instead of an insurance reimbursement, Dr. Van Hook will be charging a flat fee of $2000 per year for services.  This can be paid annually, semi-annually or quarterly.  A monthly option is available with a extra service charge.  The fee includes a full annual physical, as well as all other in office visits throughout the year.  There is no co-pay.  If you require home visits, adjustments will be made to cover travel time.

What are the advantages of being under the care of Dr. Van Hook?

  1. Geriatric and/or Integrative Medicine specialty care.
  2. A yearly full comprehensive physical, at least two additional regular office visits and all other office visits as reasonably necessary. 
  3. After-hours, easy, direct communication with Dr. Van Hook via his personal cell phone for urgent needs.
  4. Same day/next day communication from Dr. Van Hook and/or his medical staff.
  5. Prime appointment scheduling, unhurried visit times for routine, non-emergent or educational/consultative appointments.
  6. Education and consultation regarding individualized wellness plan and treatment strategies.
  7. Assistance with data management of personal health records and/or your patient portal.